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Mission Statement

Community residents from all walks of life will have access to quality library services that will:

·         Provide programming and activities to support lifelong learning

·         Encourage the pleasure of reading and the freedom of information

Hours of Service

Library trustees establish open hours to meet community needs and the Montana Public Library Standards. There are two outside book drops for returning materials when the library is not open.

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Application for a library card

·         Persons age 18 and older may get a library card by presenting picture identification.

·         Persons under age 18 may receive a library by having the application signed by a parent or legal guardian.

·         The card is for use by this patron only.

·         It is the responsibility of the library patron to keep a current name, address, telephone number and email address registered with the library.

·         There is no charge for an initial library card registration or an address change. $1.00 will be charged to replace lost cards.

·         Cards with no activity in 3 years will be removed from the system.

Check out periods

·         Patrons are responsible for returning library materials in good condition on or before the date due.

·         New materials are checked out for 14 days. Materials are designated new for six months.

·         All other materials are checked out for 28 days.

·         Persons with overdue materials or unpaid fines exceeding $10.00 cannot check out other materials until the items have been returned or fines are less than $10.00.

·         Renewals may be granted two times if there are no holds on the requested materials.

·         One overdue notice is sent when an item is 2 weeks overdue. Materials 6 months or more overdue will be assumed lost and charged accordingly.

Fines on overdue, damaged and lost materials

·         Overdue fines are 10 cents per item per day to a maximum of $10.00.

·         Cost for lost or irreparably damaged materials will be the cost of the item. When costs are not known, the default costs will be:

o   $15.00 for children or young adult materials

o   $25.00 for adult materials

o   $15.00 for paperbacks

·         Special editions or unique materials will be charged accordingly.

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Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing: As determined by staff, materials not found in the library may be borrowed from another library, following state and national interlibrary loan protocol and this library’s policies as outlined below. This policy does not apply to holds placed through the Library Catalog for items in the Partners system. For those items, follow regular circulation policies.

·         Persons requesting interlibrary loan services must have a current Bitterroot Public Library card.

·         Maximum of 3 interlibrary loan requests per day per person.

  • Effective July 1, 2017: Patrons are allowed 10 ILL items per calendar month free of charge. A $3.00 fee to cover postage is charged for additional items.
  • Patrons shall be notified of and are responsible for prepaying any charges made by the lending library.

·         The lending library sets the due date. Fines for overdue interlibrary materials are $1.00 per day.

·         No renewals.

·         Charges for lost or damaged materials will be billed to the patron in the amount determined by the lending library, plus any fines due to the Bitterroot Public Library.

·         No refunds will be provided.

·         Interlibrary loan privileges may be revoked if a patron does not adhere to our policy.

Loaning: As determined by staff, Bitterroot Public Library materials may be loaned to other libraries following state and national interlibrary loan protocol and this library’s policies as outlined below and as detailed in our OCLC Interlibrary Loan Policy.

·         General collection books and audio-visual materials may be loaned.

·         Reference materials, newspapers and magazines may not be loaned.

·         The loan period is 28 days.

·         Staff will provide information for subject requests and will provide photocopies of specific pages in accordance with the Federal Copyright Law.

·         Libraries not returning materials in 6 months or returned damaged beyond repair will be charged the cost of the item.

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Additional Services

Community Room

·         The community room on the lower level is available for public use.

·         Complete procedures and user responsibilities are available at the information desk.

·         Library-sponsored activities have first priority in room use.

·         The room may be reserved for the next month beginning on the first day that the library is open in the present month.

Bulletin Board

·         The Library provides a public bulletin board for the posting of community activities and events as well as public service notices of educational, cultural, or community interest. Staff shall remove any materials not following these guidelines. Posting of information does not imply endorsement by the library of any group, their ideas or programs.


·         Computers are available for public use.

·         Patrons are required to follow the Library’s “Computer Use Policy.”

·         There are no charges for computer use. Printing is 10 cents per page in black and white and 50 cents per page for color.

Copy Machine

·         There is a copy machine available for public use at 10 cents per page.

·         Each person is responsible for copying in accordance with current copyright laws.

Fax Machine

·         A fax machine is available for public use.

·         Charges are $1.00 per transmission, plus 50 cents for each page.

·         Each person is responsible for using it in accordance with current copyright laws.

Public Phone

·         A courtesy phone is available for public use with a 5 minute limit per person per call.

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Donations, memorials and gifts

Gifts are a valuable source of enriching the library’s services and materials collection.

·         Donors of monetary gifts are encourage to place few restrictions on gifts so that the use of such funds will be flexible and effective.

·         Monetary gifts for purchase of specific books or materials may be accepted when the requested purchases are in accordance with the standards and criteria of the library, as outlined in the Collection Management Policy.

·         Monetary gifts designated for new or improved library services may be accepted when the requested services are part of the library’s Long Range Plan and its Mission Statement. The library director approves and determines the feasibility of each proposal.

·         Donations of physical materials will be added to the collection if they meet the same criteria required for purchased materials, as outlined in the Collection Management Policy. Donated materials will be integrated into the regular library collection in normal sequence, available to all library patrons. Whenever a gift is no longer needed, it will be disposed of in the same manner as purchased materials.

·         Donations of physical items not added to the collection will be given to the Friends of the Library, the detention center, other libraries or other organizations for their use.

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·         Montana State Library Confidentiality Act (MCA 22-2-1101)

·         The Bitterroot Public Library’s staff, trustees, or volunteers will not release or disclose a library record or a portion of a record to any person except with the permission of the library director in response to:

o   A written request of the person identified in that request.

o   An order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, upon a finding that disclosure of such a record is necessary because the merits of public disclosure clearly exceed the demand for individual privacy.

·         Library records may be disclosed to the extent necessary to return overdue or stolen materials or to collect fines.

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Public Suggestions to Operating Policy

Exceptions to the library Operational Policies may be made only on approval of the Board of Trustees.


·         The individual will be asked to discuss his/her concern with the Library Director.

·         If the issue is not settled satisfactorily, the individual may put his/her concerns into writing, including name and telephone number, to be given to the Library Director, for consideration by the Board of Trustees.

·         The Board of Trustees will consider the issues in a timely manner. The Board’s decision is final.


This policy will be reviewed at least every three years and amended as needed.

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Date Approved:

March, 2011

Hours and Phone Number

Monday: 10 am to 6 pm

Tuesday: 10 am to 8 pm

Wednesday: 10 am to 8 pm

Thursday: 10 am to 6 pm

Friday: 10 am to 5 pm

Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday: Closed

Phone: (406)-363-1670 Fax: (406)-363-1678

306 State Street; Hamilton, MT 59840


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