June 2014

• Chair Bruce called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.
Trustees present: Bob Brophy, Nikki McConnell, Carole Olson, Warren Neyenhuis, Bruce Weide
Staff present: Trista Smith, Library Director
• Adoption of the agenda. (ACTION)
Warren moved to adopt the agenda. Approved.
• Public comment: Rick Fuhrman talked to the board about his interest in being a board member. The board asked him some questions about his interest and his availability. Rick asked some questions about the commitments involved.
• Minutes of the previous meeting and the special meeting held May 26th approval. (ACTION)
Bob moved to approve the minutes of the May 2014 and May 26, 2014 meeting. Approved.
• Claims for approval. (ACTION)
Nikki moved to approve the June claims as presented. Approved.

• Financial. Trista went over the report from the City for May 2014.
• Foundation. The Foundation held a garage sale on June 7th that was a successful endeavor, bringing in over $1,000. They are having a meeting next Wednesday morning at 10 am.
• Director. Trista discussed a meeting she and Bruce attended with the City of Hamilton Mayor, the City Attorney, the City Accounting Officer, and the City Accounting Clerk.

• Preliminary Budget revisions. Trista presented some updates to the preliminary budget to make it more accurate. Carole moved to approve the changes. Approved.
• Lift installation and architect’s contract. Trista went over where the lift installation project was and the agreement the architect had drawn up to get the more detailed plans to move forward with the project. Warren moved to have Trista sign the architect’s contract and talk with both the architect and the contractor about moving the project forward. Approved.
• Director’s search. Bruce laid out a preliminary timeline for the Director’s search. The board will meet next Thursday, June 26th at 10 am to narrow the candidates down. They will then set the schedule for initial interviews with these candidates at this meeting.
• Trustee search. The board discussed the candidates interested in being board members. Warren moved to recommend Rick Fuhrman to serve the rest of Bob Brophy’s term, which is one year. Approved.
• Public Library Standards. Trista had Bruce sign the Public Library Standards and will submit them to the State Library.
• Staff raises. Trista presented 3% cost of living raises for the staff. She also presented a 2% increase for Joseph in July and in January for Vevan for reaching a five year increment. Nikki moved to approve these raises for this fiscal year. Approved.
• Howe Trust. Trista discussed the options available to the library regarding the Howe Trust, a trust bestowing $20,000 to the library. Warren moved to have the library get a check sent and the money put in the general donations fund. Approved.

• The next regular meeting will be Thursday July 17, 2014 at 9:00 AM in the library.
• Meeting adjourned.

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