May 2011

• Chair Bob called the meeting to order at 9:10 am.
Trustees present: Bob Brophy, Ellyn Jones, Warren Neyenhuis, Carole Olson
Staff present: Trista Smith, Library Director
• Adoption of the agenda. (ACTION)
Ellyn moved to adopt the agenda as written. Approved unanimously.
• Public comment: None.
• Minutes of the previous meeting approval. (ACTION)
Warren moved to approve the minutes of the April 2011 meeting. Approved unanimously.
• Claims for May approval. (ACTION)
Carole moved to approve the May claims as presented. Approved unanimously.

• Financial.
Trista reviewed the City April Trial Balance and the BYTD of both funds.
• Foundation. None
• Director.
Trista went over library events from May including MSC Sprint Meeting in Missoula, the new website, the Big Read Grant and the library surveys done over the weekend. She also went over April statistics for the library.
• Trustees. Warren reported on the Tamarack Federation meeting that he attended in Big Fork. They discussed the need to have a Library Trustee at the meeting for voting.

• Operating Policy. Warren moved to approve the Operating Policy as written. Approved unanimously.

• Preliminary Budget discussion. The board discussed the possibility of creating a budget sub-committee for the review of next year’s budget.
• Trustee terms. Warren’s term as trustee is up, but he is eligible and willing for re-appointment. Trista will contact the City Council next month with a request to reappoint Warren as a trustee.

• The next regular meeting will be Thursday, June 16, 2011 at 9:00 AM in the library.
• Meeting adjourned.

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