November 2014

• Chair Bruce called the meeting to order at 9:02 am.
Trustees present: Carole Olson, Bruce Weide, Rick Fuhrman, Nikki McConnell, Warren Neyenhuis
Staff present: Nansu Roddy, Adult Services Librarian.
• Adoption of the agenda.
Warren moved to adopt the amended agenda to include New Director Orientation under New Business. Approved.
• Public Comment None
• Minutes of the previous meeting. (ACTION)
Nikki moved to approve the minutes of the October 23rd meeting. Approved.
• Claims for approval. (ACTION)
Carole moved to approve the November claims as presented. Approved.

• Financial
Rick, Warren and Nansu had a finance committee meeting to discuss this month’s expenses on November 18 at 4:00 pm. Rick discussed the budget process and encouraged future changes for more transparency.
• Nansu Roddy for the Director
Nansu noted Cote and Associates had sent a thank you letter regarding the audit RFP. The annual Montana State Library statistical report has been completed. Michael Spreadbury has filed a motion to dismiss the extension of restraining order request by Bill Crowley, Attorney. The library is doing a patron count this week. Nansu participated in the Partner Library teleconference call on Tuesday, the 18th. The fund drive is in full swing with $6055.00 to date. Nansu will be taking 18 hours of 22 hour compensation time next week plus 1 holiday. A letter to the County Commissioners has been sent out requesting our 2nd half of the annual contribution. A boiler valve replacement estimate is $500.00
• Trustees. Rick discussed service issues with TempRight and mended bridges for the library. Nikki will be out of town December 11 – January 25th. The Trustees would like to change the January meeting date to January 29th to include Nikki. Nansu will contact City of Hamilton finance office to confer. Carole participated in Tamarack Federation conference call with Nansu last month. Carole reported the Library Foundation changed the date of their fundraiser dinner to February 13th. Warren was thanked for hosting the staff party for the new Director.

Audit (ACTION) Nikki moved to cancel the audit for this fiscal year. Approved.

Closing at 5:00PM on Monday, December 8th for Holiday Party (ACTION) Rick moved to close the library at 5:00 PM. Approved.
End of the Year Financial Report (ACTION) Rick moved to accept the Local Government Annual Financial report to the State of Montana Craig Shepherd and Nansu completed. Approved.
Time Sheet Policy Change (ACTION) Rick moved to change “Holidays when falling on employee’s day off” policy to enable staff to use the holiday during the next pay period if desired. Approved.
New Director Orientation (ACTION) Nikki moved to include a check list, evaluation criteria, salary, and insurance information in the New Director orientation with key objectives: budget and accounting processes, documentation of employee wage increases and history and website implementation. Approved
• The next regular meeting will be Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 9:00am in the library. Meeting adjourned.

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