October 2014

• Chair Bruce called the meeting to order at 9:05 am.
Trustees present: Carole Olson, Bruce Weide, Rick Fuhrman, Nikki McConnell.
Staff present: Nansu Roddy, Adult Services Librarian.
Absent: Warren Neyenhuis, Trustee
• Adoption of the agenda.
Nikki moved to adopt the agenda. Approved.
• Public Comment None
• Minutes of the previous meeting. (ACTION)
Nikki moved to approve the minutes of the September 18th meeting. Approved.
• Claims for approval. (ACTION)
Carole moved to approve the October claims as presented. Approved.

• Financial
Rick and Nansu had a finance committee meeting to discuss this month’s expenses on October 14 at 4:00 pm. Carole provided information on the BPL Foundation fundraiser on February 14, 2015 at Sapphire Lutheran Homes. The annual fall fund drive for 2015 will be discussed at our June 2015 meeting with the new Director. Snow removal estimates from Timberlandscaping was discussed. Nansu will get more specific cost information for next meeting.
• Director
Nansu and Carole will be meeting at the library at 6:00pm tonight for the Tamarack Federation conference call. Nikki moved to accept the fund drive letter as is and not add another fund raiser for this year. Approved. Trustees offered to review the mailing list and provide names by November 1. The east alley fence was cut to provide circulation to our cooling systems. Nansu thanked the Trustees for their hard work in hiring a new Director on behalf of the staff and volunteers. The Trustees acknowledged the staff for their hard work as well.
• Trustees. Rick prepared a very detailed RFP requesting services from auditors.

New Director Evaluation – Tabled until November
Audit – Carol moved to send out the RFP requesting services from auditors. Approved.
Holiday Party – Carole moved to have the library holiday party on December 8th at 5:00pm. Approved.

• The next regular meeting will be Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 9:00am in the library.
• Meeting adjourned.

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