Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Mission Statement

Community residents from all walks of life will have access to quality library services that will provide programming and activities to support lifelong learning and encourage the pleasure of reading and the freedom of information.

As a result of a community wide survey and brainstorming sessions with staff, the library has identified the following areas to focus on in the next five-years:

  • Use our current space to foster an environment conducive to lifelong learning
  • Provide technology to support 21st century patrons and to allow staff to provide the best services possible
  • Create a culture that rewards imagination, experimentation, teamwork and initiative
  • Strive to be the center for the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning
  • Create a forward-thinking marketing strategy

The library will work on these goals and will evaluate our progress each year based on the evaluation guidelines for each objective.

Goal 1: The library will foster an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

Objective 1.1: Create more inviting and attractive community-centered spaces

  • Landscaping project: allow for more usable space at the front of the building by providing pavers and benches instead of ground cover. At the same time, make the space more attractive and inviting while keeping with the historic nature of the building
  • Painting exterior: Paint the front columns and portico to keep the front looking nice and to protect from weather damage. Paint the concrete along the bottom of the building and paint the bridge over the ditch


  • Completed date
  • Benefits to the community

Objective 1.2: Create open and inviting spaces within the library

  • Purchase more comfortable seating: Purchase lounge style chairs and new seating for the main floor of the library. Dispose of old chairs. Continue to look for places that would benefit from more comfortable seating
  • Refinish carrels, reference desk, circulation desk, tables, and children’s area chairs
  • Provide more usable space upstairs by evaluating current space and its usage
  • Evaluate current signage and update with more user-friendly, simple signs
  • Clean out the basement storage area and find a creative and useful way to use the space


  • Patron use map

Objective 1.3: Find innovative ways to create more parking for patrons, volunteers and staff.

  • Work with the city to create a 90 minute limit on the parking in the front of the library


  • Research report
  • Analysis
  • Completed date
  • Benefits to the community

Objective 1.4: Research ways to make the library more accessible and handicap friendly.


  • Research report
  • Analysis

Goal 2: The library will provide 21st century technology to support patrons and staff to provide the best services possible.

As the technology landscape rapidly changes, the library staff and library patrons will be provided with the resources needed to keep up with those changes.

Objective 2.1: Provide opportunities for staff and patrons to be exposed to new technologies

  • Purchase technology devices for staff and patrons to use and learn
  • Provide opportunities for staff to participate in traditional and online learning of new technologies
  • Provide scheduled breaks for staff to have self-directed exploration of new technologies


  • Number of technology related programs for patrons
  • Number of technology related learning opportunities for staff
  • Number of devices available for staff and patrons
  • Number of device circulations
  • Survey results from circulating devices

Objective 2.2: Upgrade technology to meet current and future needs

  • Maintain and increase our public access computers
  • Increase and continually evaluate ebooks and the online services that we offer
  • Create a mobile technology classroom


  • List technology related purchases
  • Provide the purpose and benefits of each purchase

Objective 2.3: Keep website updated with current technologies

  • Create a website with a responsive design so that it maintains its usefulness on any screen size


  • Compare website visits from mobile devices and PCs

Goal 3: The library will create an organizational culture that rewards imagination, experimentation, teamwork and initiative.

The library desires to ensure that we have staff who are encouraged to be innovative and proactive. We will provide a work environment that is conducive to these characteristics. Staff time is needed to work on projects, explore new technologies and learn new skills. With increasing circulation and staff limitations, it is a challenge to provide these opportunities. Within the next five years the library will commit to making these opportunities available, as a routine part of our work.

Objective 3.1: Provide a supportive environment that encourages staff to take initiative in their own training opportunities

  • Encourage staff to become certified through the Montana State Library
  • Provide the funding and time for staff to take advantage of learning opportunities both online and outside of the library, as well as providing membership in work-related associations
  • Provide time for self-directed individual learning in a more formal manner


  • Track staff time spent on training and self-directed achievement

Objective 3.2: Encourage staff to learn new operational procedures and share innovative ideas

  • Provide cross-training of staff
  • Create additional workspaces


  • Percentage of staff hours spent cross-training
  • Completion date of workspaces
  • Benefits

Objective 3.3: Continue to provide competitive salary and benefits, as the budget allows


  • Comparison of staff salaries to other salaries (using census data, other libraries’ statistics, etc)

Objective 3.4: Enhance and strengthen our volunteer program

  • Redesign and implement a new training program


  • Number of volunteers
  • Changes in job descriptions

Goal 4: The library will strive to be the center for the pursuit of knowledge and lifelong learning.

The library provides programming opportunities for citizens of all ages with the goal of education, entertainment and growth. We will strengthen our role as a provider of educational opportunities.

Objective 4.1: Continue to provide high-quality free instruction and cultural, humanities, educational and technology programs

  • Cooperate with other libraries and community organizations
  • Bridge the digital divide by providing technology literacy and services
  • Focus on early literacy through parent workshops and story times
  • Provide services to those that can’t come to the library


  • Program attendance statistics
  • Programming survey results

Goal 5: The library will create a forward-thinking marketing strategy.

As libraries evolve and our services change, we will be proactive in letting our community know what resources we offer. Using market segmentation and a solid marketing plan, the library will target our marketing to specific populations. In this way, we hope to increase library use, as well as awareness of library services.

Objective 5.1: Create a marketing plan for the library

  • Decide upon a consistent logo
  • Provide outreach to non-users
  • Create more awareness of services amongst County and City officials
  • Provide a print calendar and/or newsletter


  • Completed date
  • Benefits

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