Donation Policy

Donation Policy
Gifts are a valuable source of enriching the library’s service and collection. The Bitterroot Public
Library encourages public support of the library by accepting donations, memorials, and gifts in
accordance with the following guidelines:
 Donations of monetary gifts are encouraged. Monetary gifts for purchase of specific
books or materials will be accepted when the requested purchase is in accordance with
the standard, criteria and policy of the library. Monetary gifts designated for new and
improved library services are accepted when the requested services are part of the
library’s plan or when the Library Director approves and determines the feasibility of the
 Donations of physical materials will be managed by the Friends of the Library to allow
library staff to focus on library operations. Items donated to the Friends will be added to
the library’s collection only if they meet the same criteria required for purchased
materials. Items donated to the Friends of the Library that are not added to the library’s
collection will be sold, with proceeds going to the library, or given away for free.
Whenever a gift is no longer needed, it will be disposed of in the same manner as
purchased materials.
 Donations of magazine subscriptions must have preapproval of the library director and fit
within the library’s collection development policy.
 Receipts for donated materials are given to the donor upon request. The receipt shall be
given for the number and types of items received. No monetary value will be placed upon
gift items by the library; the donor will accept this responsibility.
 Donations of furniture, artwork, or other items are discouraged but may be accepted at
the discretion of the director.
Amended 3/2021