Petitioning and Leafleting Policy

Petitioning and Leafleting
The Bitterroot Public Library recognizes the presentation of petitions and the distribution of literature by
individuals and groups is a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment. The Library also
upholds the rights of its patrons and employees to enter, use and leave the Library safely, without being
impeded or unduly hindered. As a result, the Library allows people to circulate petitions or leaflets on
Library property subject to the following guidelines:
1. Persons circulating petitions for signatures or leafleting may stand outside the Library building
on property that is regularly open to the general public for Library business, however, they may
not engage in collecting signatures or distributing leaflets inside the Library building.
2. Only one person at a time is permitted to solicit signatures for a single petition or leaflet.
3. This person shall not block, hinder, interfere or otherwise impede patrons and staff wishing to
exit or enter the building, nor seek to intimidate patrons or staff into signing a petition or
accepting a leaflet.
4. No leafleting, distribution of literature, or solicitation is permitted for the purposes of selling
items, merchandise, tickets, or other for-profit activities.
5. Not-for-profit fundraising activities are not permitted by any person or organization when the
purpose is to benefit a group or organization other than the Library.
6. Anyone wishing to solicit signatures for a petition or leaflet shall inform library staff during
normal business hours of their desire and intent to solicit signatures for a petition.
7. The Library staff, Friends of the Bitterroot Public Library, the Bitterroot Public Library Foundation,
and members of the Library Board of Trustees are exempt from the above constraints in promoting
Library activities and issues.
Any person or group who does not abide by the conditions stated above or creates a nuisance such that
the regular business of the Library is disrupted shall be required to immediately cease all activities.
Approved June 21, 2018 by Bitterroot Public Library Board of Trustees
Reviewed and re-approved with no revisions on November 16, 2022 by Bitterroot Public Library Board of