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Strategic Plan 2024 -2027

Mission Statement: Community residents from all walks of life will have access to quality library services that will provide programming and
activities to support lifelong learning and encourage the pleasure of reading and the freedom of information.

Community Input: This plan was guided by feedback obtained through the library’s Facility Needs Assessment
community survey conducted in 2023.
Strategic Area of Focus 1: Facility Planning and Improvement
– Develop a Building Program to summarize and define the library’s spatial needs
– Library staff and the library board will engage in the planning, coordination, evaluation, and outreach
efforts needed as the library prioritizes creating an expanded facility that will better meet the needs of
the community as expressed in the Facilities Needs Assessment (FNA).
– Evaluate current building and what improvements can be made to address the current and future
needs of library staff and patrons
Strategic Area of Focus 2: Library Collection
– Thoroughly evaluate our collection to ensure we are providing items that serve the needs and interests
of the community as expressed in the FNA and in accordance with library policy and best practices.
– Evaluate what non-traditional resources (gym passes, tools, equipment, etc.) the library could provide
to meet the needs of the community as expressed in the FNA.
– Work with the Montana State Library to explore resource sharing options to increase the availability of
items to patrons and decrease hold times for popular items
Strategic Area of Focus 3: Technology
– Evaluate the library’s digital and technological (hardware and software) offerings to ensure they are
still relevant, appropriate, and a beneficial use of the library’s limited financial resources.
Strategic Area of Focus 4: Outreach
– Explore the most efficient and impactful ways to provide services to individuals unable to come to the
library (specifically elderly and homebound using mail delivery services).
– Work with the Friends of the Library to develop outreach efforts at assisted living facilities and other
locations outside of the library
Strategic Area of Focus 5: Youth Services Strategic Plan (separate document)

Youth Strategic Plan 2024 -2027

Mission Statement: Youth Department Strategic Plan for the Bitterroot Public Library 2024-2027 Vision Statement: Enriching the lives of young minds through innovative and impactful programming and material that fosters learning, creativity, and community engagement. Mission Statement: The Youth Department at the Bitterroot Public Library is dedicated to fostering a love for learning, literacy, and personal growth among children and families. Through innovative programming, diverse collections, and collaborative partnerships, we aim to provide a dynamic and inclusive space where youth can explore, create, and connect. This plan was shaped by incorporating feedback obtained through the Facility Needs Community Assessment Survey and other youth surveys, with this documents’ objectives derived from input on programming and collection development, rather than emphasizing expansion of the library’s physical size. 1. Programming:  Objective 1: Continue to assess community needs and trends to create programming that addresses current educational, cultural, and recreational demands.  Objective 2: To diversify and enrich our youth engagement initiatives, the library aims to introduce and expand a range of dynamic programs, including – collaborating with local organizations to launch an integrated literacy and exercise program – collaborating with the Friends of BPL to organize biannual library open houses for families – providing ‘Boredom Boxes’ as engaging and interactive passive activities for children within the library premises  Objective 3: Ensure accessibility for all youth, including those with disabilities, by providing adaptive technologies, sensory-friendly programming, and inclusive materials. 2. Literacy:  Objective: Develop a comprehensive, year-round reading incentive program (inspired by ‘1,000 Books Before Kindergarten’ and ‘100 Books Before Graduation’) that encourages regular reading habits, comprehension, and literacy skills. (In addition to an annual winter and summer reading program). 3. Collaborative Partnerships:  Objective: Continue partnering with local experts, professionals, and organizations to offer specialized workshops, career exploration sessions, and mentorship programs. Collaborate with local schools, community organizations, and cultural institutions to leverage resources, expertise, and reach. 4. Collection Development:  Objective: Continue to assess and update the collection based on community preferences, emerging literary trends, and educational needs. 5. Technology Integration:  Objective 1: Offer training and workshops to educate youth on effectively using digital resources for learning and leisure.  Objective 2: Enhance the overall patron experience and streamline our library’s operations by strategically integrating a display TV(s) in the Youth Area and the Beanstack platform into our services and programs, effectively utilizing these technologies to engage our community, promote literacy, and facilitate efficient program management. Implementation and Evaluation: The strategic plan will be executed through a phased approach, with regular evaluations to assess progress and adapt strategies as needed. Key performance indicators will include program attendance, resource usage, user satisfaction, and impact on youth development. By adhering to this strategic plan, the Youth Department at the Bitterroot Public Library aims to become a hub of inspiration, education, and growth for the youth in our community, contributing to their holistic development and lifelong love for learning.